News for 2019

I am always working on several projects in the studio. I usually have a couple paintings and at least one new bronze on the go.  I like to go back and forth between the two. I love working in 3D of course with the completed project being a bronze. I still find the challenge of story telling in this medium fascinating. The goal is to evoke a memory or experience for the viewer. After 35 years of sculpting I still love it.

For me creating the illusion of depth and shapes on the canvas and then getting the colors right, offers a different challenge. It is a different angle to see but fascinating none the less.

This past winter I held art classes for painters and sculptors. It is my hope you all enjoyed their time here in the studio and were able to take something away that added to your already awesome talents!

Keep watching the website for the new projects for 2019. The first one will be a dragon which is in the works now. This will be the next in the mystics series.

Happy Painting or sculpting!!