Private Collections

Why do Art Collections get sold? 

We all come to a time and place in our lives where circumstances change. For instance, what do you do when you inherit artwork and have no where to keep it or no way to move it to your location? 

What happens when you downsize and can't take large art pieces with you?

You might have exhausted other possibilities, such as family members, the local news paper, traditional art galleries,  and then in your final effort, you contact the artist that did the work.

This happens! It just happened to me. I was contacted to see how one would go about selling their bronze that was originally received as an award. Could I help sell it? 

The answer is YES, I can help. This page will be dedicated to help those who are current collectors of my bronze sculptures. I will post the art that is for sale by the owner.

Are you looking for a bronze sculpture?

I'd like to think this page will help you too. 

Do you need more pictures? Some close up shots? Different angles? We can arrange that.

If you see a bronze you like here, please contact me directly at:

If you want to see my other work please visit my gallery pages where I list all of my bronze work and paintings.