Diane M Anderson
Professional Artist

Tymarc Art Studio is located near Cremona Alberta in the beautiful rolling hills.

Diane’s education in art began at an early age.

“When I was very young I went to the Calgary Children’s Hospital for ‘eye therapy’ for a lazy eye. It happened to be tracing pictures using progressively heavier tracing paper so that my eye would have to work harder all the time. I soon really enjoyed the drawing and got really good at it. And so it began…

My school notes of course were always very well illustrated, not always to the approval of the teachers. Then in high school a wonderful teacher, Mr. Wenzel, provided the encouragement that I needed to make art my future. He actually got me started into sculpture and I loved it…even though it did blow up in the kiln. Although life would have other plans for a while, art was always stuck in my mind as a goal.”

When Bob and Diane met, their first date was a visit to Gina McDougall Cohoes’ place to look at a horse. Bob bought the horse and a lifelong friendship began with Gina.

“At the time Gina was doing her third bronze and I was totally fascinated. She offered to ‘coach me’ and even though Bob and I married and moved to Saskatchewan we kept in touch with her. When we did visit Alberta, I brought her whatever sculpture I was working on and she would help me re-work it.”

Those few lessons with her remain the foundation on which Diane’s career was built. Other artists have influenced her work over the years but Diane still maintains life is the best teacher.

Now settled near Cremona, Alberta, Bob and Diane along with their two daughters and two granddaughters raise purebred Simmental cattle. She uses the day to day happenings as subject matter for many of her sculptures and paintings.

“I think that is why people can relate to my work on a more personal level. They have been there and done that.”

Diane is a gifted sculptor, painter, and instructor. Her experiences in her farming life greatly enhance the authenticity of her images. They are created with knowledge and experience behind each and every one.

Diane believes in really seeing what is around you. From the smallest water droplet on a leaf or blade of grass to the vast wonders of a sunset, there is so much to take in if you really look. A favorite saying of hers is…

Those with eyes can see….Those with eyes open can experience the wonder within.

Experience is the best teacher. Some of the places Diane has traveled have offered tremendous opportunities to expand her abilities.

“Italy was worldly of course with all the fantastic works of art. The time spent there studying the work of the Masters was amazing. I can understand a bit more about what prompted and influenced those artists.”

Other trips to Wales and England further fascinated her artistic curiosity.

“Wales is where my ancestors came from and it is where I got the name for my studio. Tymarc is the name of the Davies family home in Wales and means ‘marked (or visible) house’ in Welsh. It is still lived in today by the Davies Family.”

Many students have come through the studio classrooms. They were taught all the basics of drawing, color, and combining the two to create their own works of art.

“There were a few students that excelled in their ability to see and they are the ones that will go on and use the lessons that we did. I am happy that I contributed to their love of art. If only to give back some of what I was given so long ago.”

Diane is continually working on new projects in the studio and welcomes visitors.