Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures

by Diane M Anderson

Diane’s work in sculpture and painting truly come from within. Being a self taught artist, she has relied on life’s experiences to be her greatest teacher. She has some help along the way from other artists for which she will be forever grateful.
She creates very limited edition bronze sculptures for collections worldwide. Diane is confident in a variety of subjects for her sculptures and paintings. She enjoys wildlife, western, children, and of course equine sculptures.

Diane accepts commissions to create sculptures for indoor or outdoor applications. Working life size or table top her bronze sculptures capture a quality that seems to make them come alive. Designing and sculpting The National Monument honoring the Fallen Service Dogs remains one of her greatest honors.

Her sculptures have been used for trophies, corporate awards, memorial acknowledgements, service awards and are prominent in art collections the world over.
They are dated, signed and numbered and all come with a certificate of authenticity and ownership.

A visit to Tymarc Art Studio would be rewarding if your intent is to see bronze sculptures and paintings by this talented artist. Her studio/gallery is located near Cremona AB.