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June 16, 2005
This letter is in support of Diane Anderson, an amazingly talented western artist.
At the completion of a very special hockey season last year, we decided to commemorate accomplishments and present our players with a western bronze sculpture. We chose Diane Anderson to fulfill our needs. She completed the task, not only on time and on budget but produced an outstanding sculpture that exceeded our expectations.
Should the opportunity arise again, we would not hesitate to use Diane for a future piece.

Calgary Flames Limited Partnership
Ken King
President and CEO

We have been returning clients of Diane Anderson, independent bronze artist of Tymarc Art Studio for the past 15 years. Over the course of those 15 years, we commissioned several unique pieces that were custom made by Diane. On each occasion we found Diane to be a talented artisan, who quickly understood our needs and translated our ideas into beautiful pieces. Since 1990, we have used Diane’s services exclusively.
Recently for Paramount, Diane created a limited edition bronze sculpture called Worth The Wait. Also Diane created the trophies sponsored by Paramount at the annual Spruce Meadows Prix Des Nations Tournament and Between Friends Charity Golf Classic Tournament.. Throughout the years she demonstrated diligence with her skill in design and creativity.
Overall we have fund Diane to be professional and reliable.

Jim Riddell                               Clay Riddell
President and COO                Chairman and CEO

To Whom It May Concern,
My Partner, Dr. Wallace, retired a couple years ago to enjoy his passions of being a cowboy and skier full time. To honor his years of service to dentistry, to the community, to his patients and for being a great person to share space with I commissioned Diane Anderson to create a unique bronze.
Utilizing just one poor quality photograph of Don on his beloved horse, Diane was able to create a bronze so masterful, it brought Don to tears of joy. Entitled, The Good Life, Don has a piece of original art that he enjoys every day and a legacy to leave his children to remember as the decades pass.
Diane Anderson has proven to possess that wonderful combination of tremendous talent, the ability to listen to the client and deliver what the client wants, and to do it with a level of quality that is unsurpassed.
I am already scheming about the next project I will commission Diane to produce.
I recommend you do the same.

Lawrence M Stanleigh BSc MSc DDS

I have been collecting works by Diane M Anderson for many years now. Her work fills many rooms in my home and offices. I have found that any and all of the sculptures and paintings that I own are of the utmost quality in workmanship. Not only that but pieces that I have commissioned Diane to create, have surpassed my expectations. I simply explained what I wanted in a piece and where it would go when completed. There was a basic idea that I wanted to end up with, but leaving all the details and design work to Diane was the best way to handle these projects. She created pieces that not only fit the parameters of the project, but that went far beyond that by evoking emotion and wonder in all that see them.
I will commission Diane to do more works for us in the future.

Fred and Anna Marie Martins
Hemit California

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