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Welcome to my new website.

I have sculpted and painted for a lot of years. I was lucky enough to learn my craft from other artists and life experiences. How could anyone ask for more.

As an artist, I get to create works of art from inspiration which comes from many sources.
Whether sculpture or painting I try to bring a sense of reality to those stories and events so that others can “see” them as well. It is my hope that you too can experience a bit of what inspired me to create the work you are looking at.

I believe we can learn from even the smallest event and apply that new knowledge to our lives. There is so much around us that we could see if we just take the time to really look.

Through the bronzes and paintings here it is my hope that you can learn a little of what I have experienced and offer to share with you. There are always more projects on the go in the studio so please come back often and check out the new works.

Diane M Anderson

Diane Anderson Tymarc Art Studio P.O. Box 44 Cremona, Alberta Canada
phone or fax: 1-403-637-2274 email:

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